about me
hiii im vio or vee! 18 it/bun/they prns please <3 pan mexican enby aquarius eng/spa OK!
i dont get notifs from ccat or pinterest but i try to check them both pretty regularly! i also have a full time job so im not too active / it takes me a while to get through my reqs but dw i will eventually get to yours!
twitter pins youtube crrdcore ccat referral link

this is my main/priv, req ok when priv, i am a self proclaimed cixpopper.... like cix over everyone, i mainly talk about cixtxt and friends, sometimes i talk ab txt in spa soz, i overuse gifs, i dont take kpop seriously unless its about my ults esp cix, i send dts sometimes.... <3
u fit basic dfi criteria, -16 dont follow me, annoying stay/engene, omg or sf9 supporter go kys btw, ot8 or ot9 hiyyih biased kep1 stan, put kpop above morals, u seriously ship idols, ur a weird nsfw stan, ship / sexualize txt in anyway please go kys.

cix byounggon txt yeonjun & soobin
yonghee dahyun momo yoongi solo bahiyyih
junhan gaon chaeryeong chuu yoon sieun wonyo rei doyum tsuki haruna jiung miso hwarang chaewonx2 sunwoo